How are mountain systems responding to the effects of global change?

The MtnLab is a CREAF research group led by Bernat Claramunt focused on mountain systems. The members of the group work on different conservation and research projects of animal and plant communities in this environment, and  study the role that climate and land use change play on their future.

At MtnLab we are leading or participating in projects focused on a single species (for example, alpine marmot, rock partridge, golden eagle, or Pyrenean owl), as well as in projects with a more holistic vision in which we study from microbial activity to the community of large ungulates (Earthwatch project), using both classical methodologies in ecology and more novel approaches, such as the use of drones.

The MtnLab leads NEMOR, the European network of mountain research.


Main researcher

External members: 

Jana Marco

Biologist and ecologist, University of Alicante

Albert Burgas Riera

Biologist Specialized in Vertebrates, Ecology and Biodiversity Management

Manel Niell

Degree in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Marta Guadalupe Rivera Ferre

Agroecology Chair Director

Feliu López i Gelats

Researcher and part-time assistant lecturer at Agroecology and Food Systems Chair in UVic

Marcello Franchini

PhD candidate UNIUD at department of Agri-Food, Environmental and Animal Sciences

Flavio César Speranza

Forest Engineer with a Master's Degree in Terrestrial Ecology
Miguel Lurgi Rivera

Miguel Lurgi Rivera

Senior Lecturer, Biosciences, University of Swansea
Lasse Loepfe

Lasse Loepfe

Game developer with scientific background