Office: C5/1126

I am a plant and soil ecologist and I investigate the effect of global change impacts on plant-soil interactions. I am particularly interested in learning more about how plant root exudates mediate soil microbial diversity and function under water stress, and the feedbacks the microbial community have on plants.

Currently, I am studying differences in root and rhizosphere traits between crops and their wild relatives, which has implications for improving food security in the Mediterranean and beyond. I am currently a research fellow at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and an associated researcher at CREAF, where I previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher for five years.

Before that, I was at the University of Sheffield (UK) where my research included the effects of climate change on sub-Arctic plant communities and plant traits associated with crop domestication.


plant-soil interactions, food security, drought, rhizosphere, crop wild relatives