Offer period: 
14 Nov 2022 to 25 Jan 2023


35 fellowships for early-stage researchers of any nationality to pursue their PhD studies in the best Spanish research centres accredited with the Spanish Seal of Excellence Severo Ochoa

Deadline: 25 January 2023, at 2 pm Peninsular Spain

All requirements and application information can be found in Fundació La Caixa website.

CREAF has published 9 PhD open positions under the INPhINIT programme:

  1. Innovative managements for global change adaption in Mediterranean farming and forest systems using soil multifunctionality as selection criteria. Group Leader: Dr. Xavier Domene (x.domene@creaf.uab.cat).
  2. Combined effects of pesticides and other stressors in solitary bees and development of molecular biomarkers. Group Leader: Dr. Jordi Bosch (jordi.bosch@uab.es).
  3. Detection of bat population declines and local extinctions using citizen science: optimizing policy and populations resilience in times of Global Change. Group Leader: Dr.Lluís Brotons (l.brotons@creaf.uab.cat).
  4. Unraveling trait coordination to predict plant responses to climate change. Group Leader: Dr. Jordi Martínez-Vilalta (jordi.martinez.vilalta@uab.cat).
  5. Drivers of variability and resilience of terrestrial ecosystems. Group Leader: Dr. Josep Peñuelas Reixach (josep.penuelas@uab.cat).
  6. Resilience to drought in European forest trees: integration among functional traits and growth responses. Group leader: Dr. Maurizio Mencuccini. (m.mencuccini@creaf.uab.cat).
  7. The fate of the forests in tropical South America in a warming world. Group Leader: Dra. Laia Andreu-Hayles (lah@ldeo.columbia.edu).
  8. Zoogeochemistry: unravelling the role of nutrients on the evolution of animals and its consequences on ecosystem functioning from micro to global scales. Group Leader: Dr. Josep Peñuelas Reixach (josep.penuelas@uab.cat).
  9. Evaluating the role of Denitrification as the most important sink of Nr in European Soil EcosystemS (D-NESS). Group Leader: Dra. Angela Ribas (angela.ribas@uab.cat).


All applications must be necessarily through the Candidate Portal from La Caixa Foundation website. Other forms of application are not going to be considered.